Thread: Review Opportunity: Hydro-biogeochemical sensors for Coastal Systems

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Hello DAS mailing list subscribers,

Please see the below message from Jennifer Arrigo at DOE. This call for
reviewers is a good opportunity to form or strengthen connections to this


*From: "Arrigo, Jennifer" <Jennifer.Arrigo<at>
<Jennifer.Arrigo<at>>>Subject: Review Opportunity:
Hydro-biogeochemical sensors for Coastal Systems*

I am now a program manager within DOE’s Environmental System Science
Program, and we currently are participating in a funding call (
for the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program within DOE. We
have a topic around developing hydro-biogeochemical sensors for working in
Coastal systems (Topic 29), and are now looking for reviewers.

I am hoping that you might share this review opportunity with
colleague/collaborators and encourage any interested folks to reach out to
me directly.

We are looking for reviewers to do a handful (3-5) of mail in reviews, over
about a 3 week period in November and would be looking for both instrument
developers/engineers and field scientists versed in using environmental
sensing technologies. Early career and technical folks are welcome, and
this could be a good, relatively low workload entre into the DOE review
process for younger scientists. We anticipate an individual review should
only take about 1 – 2 hours of people’s time. Even folks who might be able
to commit to a single or couple of reviews are welcome, as our letter of
intent process indicated we’d be seeing applications around a wide range of
technologies and approaches.

I’m responsible for finding some reviewers around two of our subareas:

*Sensing arrays, networks and instrument clusters for vertical profiles
(water surface into the sediments)* and lateral transport of chemical
parameters in both fresh and brackish waters. Example parameters include
Total Suspended Solids (TSS); dissolved and/or particulate organic carbon;
salinity; redox potential; major/minor cations and other trace metals; and
compounds that are signatures of microbial/fungal/algal activity;

*Sensors for minimally invasive estimation/quantification of depth-resolved
soil porosity *(amount of gas/water-filled space), particularly for
high-organic matter soils in varied freshwater and brackish wetland
environments, to enable repetitive in situ measurement of soil physical
structure (with application for assessment of fluid or gas conductivity and
soil subsidence/accretion).

DOE must identify and assign reviewers by November 5th, so I would greatly
appreciate if you please encourage anyone you know who may be interested
and might be a good fit to contact me (Jennifer.arrigo<at> as
soon as possible.

Thanks for considering helping us disseminate this opportunity to the
hydrologic/ environmental sensing community!


Jennifer Saleem Arrigo, PhD (she/her)

*** DOE is currently on maximum telework due to COVID-19 public health
***Please use 202-450-8657 (mobile) to reach me during this time.***

Program Manager, Environmental System Science
Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division
Office of Biological and Environmental Research
SC-33.1 / Germantown Building
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20585

***Mobile: 202-450-8657***Office tel. 301-903-3120
email: Jennifer.arrigo<at>


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