Thread: Getting an error message: 'ERROR 1301: No data files read in.'

Started: 2020-11-03 02:17:55
Last activity: 2020-11-03 02:17:55
Topics: SAC Help
Hi, I keep getting an 'ERROR 1301: No data files read in.' message.

I am using 'respknt' code written by G.Randall to calculate P & S wave
response, which is written in detail in the following link.

I downloaded a set of codes including 'respknt' from Charles Ammon's
website, which is as follows.

I followed all the instructions written in the link, and made a velocity
model 'smp.mod' using 'icmod' and calculated R- and Z- component response,
which are 'smp.mod_sp.r' and 'smp.mod_sp.z', respectively.

When executing 'icmod' and 'respknt', I referred to the following links.

However, when I try to read the response files using sac, I get the error
messages 'ERROR 1301: No data files read in.'

I tried to find solutions, but failed.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could suggest a solution to this


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