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Started: 2011-04-01 20:19:11
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Elkins, Bailey E
2011-04-01 20:19:11
I'm trying to utilize SAC's Matlab interface on an Intel Mac (64 bit) machine. I am running SAC v 101.4 and MATLAB_R2010bSP1.

After I read in files I receive the following error while trying to execute the mat command:

SAC> r /Users/BMcCommon/Thesis/Data/SAC/CCW/2009.
SAC> mat
Error: dlsym(0x100710ec0, engPutArray): symbol not found
ERROR 8003: Cannot link to a MATLAB function: engPutArray
ERROR 8003: Cannot link to a MATLAB function:

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? The Mathworks website seems to indicate that the "engPutArray" had been replaced with " engGetVariable" in the newer versions of Matlab.

Is there anyway to fix this or do I need to downgrade my version of Matlab? I would greatly appreciate any help.


Bailey Elkins
Geophysical Engineering Department
Montana Tech
Butte, MT

  • Shutian
    2011-04-09 12:21:03

    Dear colleagues,

    We obtained some waveform records in WGSN format (in asc), which is not a popular format. We do not have a program to process those records and we did not find a program to convert them into SAC. We assembled a program and successfully converted those records into SAC (binary). We would like to know the binary format and assemble a program to convert WGSN files in binary into SAC binary. If some of you know WGSN binary format, let me know.
    Thanks in advance,

01:32:54 v.22510d55