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Started: 2020-12-02 19:51:06
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2020-12-02 19:51:06
Dear All,

I was wondering how one qualifies to be able to download SAC.

I’ve been using SAC for over 25 years while employed under the EQ Hazards program at the USGS, and subsequently while at the NOAA/NWS/Pacific Tsunami Center, in Hawaii. I continue to perform research in Seismology, using SAC. (For example, see some of my references ** below).

How should I go about qualifying to be able to continue using SAC?

Thanks you!

Barry Hirshorn

** Some of my work for which I have used SAC:

Hirshorn B (2004) Moment magnitudes from the initial P-wave for local tsunami warnings. Seism Res Lett 74:272–273

Hirshorn B (2007) The Pacific tsunami warning center response to the Mw6.7 Kiholo Bay earthquake and lessons for the future. Seism Res Lett 78:299
Hirshorn, B., and S. Weinstein (2009), Earthquake source parameters, in Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science, Pt. 5, pp. 2657–2676,doi:10.1007/978-0-387-30440-3_160.

Hirshorn B, Weinstein S, Tsuboi, S. (2013). On the application of Mwp in the near field and the March 11, 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Pure Appl Geophys 170

Hirshorn, B, et. al., (2020) Earthquake Source Parameters, Rapid Estimates for Tsunami Forecasts and Warnings, in Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science

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