Thread: picking on overlayed files in a single plot

Started: 2011-05-26 00:28:52
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2011-05-26 00:28:52

In SAC I would like to plot two files on top of each other (overlay) and in
the same window make picks (Tn) to be saved to the header of one or both
files. I have been attempting this with commands p2 and ppk, but these
produce separate windows. Is it possible to simultaneously plot two files
in a plot window AND pick in that plot window?

In more detail, I am plotting the spectra of the signal on top of the noise
and I would like to mark the intersection of the two. My work-around has
been to use p2, visually mark where I would pick the intersection, then use
ppk to make the pick and save to the header. This is time-consuming and I
want to make sure that I have not overlooked an important command or

Thank you for your time,


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