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Dear colleagues,

The abstract submission deadline for SSA 2021 is *next Wednesday, January
31, 2021 at 5:00 PST.* We encourage you to submit an abstract to our JEDI

*Session description*
Racial and ethnic diversity in geosciences has not improved in nearly half
a century. Furthermore, a changing political climate and recent events have
sparked a nation-wide increased awareness of social justice issues. These
events are prompting numerous diversity initiatives within the academic
realm, which are being communicated widely through webinars, conferences,
and various social media platforms. In the geoscience community, these
initiatives include newly-formed organizations (e.g. the SSA Diversity,
Equity, and Inclusion Task Force) that aim to dismantle systems of
oppression for people with marginalized identities. Student and
early-career seismologists are often advised to keep their distance from
these discussions because of the common notion that diversity initiatives
are undertaken at the expense of science. This either/or approach of
research and diversity is unnecessary and harmful to our community. As
seismologists, we work with various communities globally, which requires
awareness of the diverse perspectives and identities that we interact with.
Consequently, equity and diversity are necessary for scientific progress.
The work of budding leaders in seismology, at the forefront of making
change, should be acknowledged and heard.

This session aims to establish a community of seismologists interested in
making our field more just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive. We seek
abstracts that highlight diversity initiatives by and/or for seismologists.
We also solicit abstracts that outline strategies for integrating diversity
and inclusion initiatives in academic, government and industry programs.
These presentations can include personal experiences, experiences with
outreach or in the field, visions for the future of seismology, and/or
equitable applications of our science. Note, these abstracts must be
constructive for an effective conversation to take place. We encourage and
will prioritize abstracts from students and early-career scientists.

The SSA annual meeting will be held virtually from April 19–23, 2021.
Information about the annual meeting can be found here:

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