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Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit an abstract to the following session of the virtual 2021 Seismological Society of America (SSA) Annual Meeting (April 19-23). The abstract deadline is January 13, 2021 at 5 p.m. Pacific. There is no limit to the number of abstracts one can submit as first author.

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Strategies and Actions for Fostering a Diverse Seismology Community
The goal of this session is to share ideas, efforts and programs that the community is
currently using to increase diversity in seismology and related fields. In spite of efforts to
increase diversity for several decades, the demographic makeup of the geosciences
remains imbalanced in proportion to that of the U.S. population (Bernard and
Cooperdock, 2018, Dutt, 2019), even though the work of demographically
underrepresented groups is scientifically novel and highly innovative (Hofstra et al.

New strategies to address these disparities will be highlighted in this session. We
encourage submissions on topics such as: providing education on implicit biases;
developing equitable selection processes; ensuring an inclusive and welcoming work
environment; creating safe fieldwork spaces (Demery and Pipkin, 2020); acknowledging
mental health issues related to experiences of identity; and fostering retention. We
welcome examples in seismology such as successful broader impacts activities, policy
changes, efforts in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) education and recruitment and
retention of underrepresented students/employees, postdoctoral researchers, staff and

We welcome submissions from principal investigators, educators, scientists in national
laboratories, the USGS and BOR, non-profits and industry seismologists who have
incorporated elements of outreach and diversity into their research and leadership
efforts, as well as specialists in DEI and education efforts. The emphasis is on finding
out how leaders are currently promoting and addressing diversity, education and
inclusion efforts and actions we can take to make progress on those efforts.

Valerie Sloan, National Center for Atmospheric Research (vsloan<at><vsloan<at>>)
Aradhna Tripati, University of California, Los Angeles (atripati<at><atripati<at>>)
Aubreya Adams, Colgate University (aadams<at><aadams<at>>)
Wendy Bohon, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

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