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Abolfathian, Niloufar (US 329A-Affiliate)
2021-01-08 20:50:05
Please consider submitting abstracts to our session at the upcoming SSA Annual Meeting: "Crustal Stress and Strain and Implications for Fault Interaction and Slip".

Session Description:
This session focuses on (1) the estimation of the state of stress/strain in different phases of earthquake cycle and (2) the analysis of stress/strain distributions at different spatial and temporal scales by soliciting works based on theory, observations, modeling and laboratory experiments.
Contributions are encouraged but not limited to address the following questions: 1) What can we extract from geodetic, geologic, borehole and seismic data regarding the state of stress and strain at regional and local scales?; 2) How are stress and strain distributed in laboratory experiments and nature and how can we bridge the two?; 3) What are the insights from numerical simulations on the state of stress and to what extent can models help in interpreting observations such as earthquakes or slow slip events?; 4) How will spatial stress/strain variations from long-term data compilations improve our knowledge of the motion partitioning across complex fault zone areas, aseismic slip, fault zone structure and earthquake cycles?; 5) How can information on the state of stress/strain be used to improve long-term earthquake forecasting and seismic hazard assessments?

The deadline to submit an abstract is January 13, 2021.
Full meeting information:
To submit your abstracts:

Niloufar Abolfathian, JPL Caltech (niloufar.abolfathian<at><niloufar.abolfathian<at>>)
Thomas H. W. Goebel, University of Memphis
Mong-Han Huang, University of Maryland

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