Thread: Downtime at 'USGS Seismic Waveform Services' affecting some DMC real-time feeds

Started: 2021-01-12 18:17:11
Last activity: 2021-01-12 18:17:11
Topics: Real Time Feeds
The following outage notice at USGS will impact real-time feeds 2021-01-12
Affected networks: AV C0 CU GS GT HV IC IM IU N4 NE PT RO US YX

Subject: Scheduled outage of USGS waveform service
Dear Users of the USGS Seismic Waveform Services:

Our IT staff will be replacing a failing hardware component that will require taking all waveforms servers at the Denver Federal Center offline.

Scheduled Date: Tuesday, 2021-01-12.
Start Time: 16:00 UTC.
Expected Outage Duration: Up to 3 hours

Expected Impact: All waveform data served from and the USGS volcano observatory server will be unavailable during the service window. This will also impact all waveform data from USGS networks at the IRIS DMC. Data should backfill following the outage and complete within about 30 minutes for most networks.

Contact: Should you notice persisting problems beyond the estimated recovery time, please reply to me, with cc to Dave Ketchum (ketchum<at> and Brian Mielke (bmielke<at>


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