Thread: Best Practices for Seismic Posthole Emplacement Webinar and Panel (Thursday January 28th, 11am-1pm ET)

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Emplacement of seismometers in postholes has progressed greatly in the last
decade through availability of purpose-built sensors and through a wide
exploration of techniques by seismic network operators and principal
investigators. For our purposes here, posthole emplacement can range from
shallow to deep, cased to uncased, holes drilled into piers, as well as
grouted in sensors. We are organizing a series of events around the theme
of "Best Practices for Seismic Posthole Emplacement" that will occur over
the course of 2021.

This kick-off webinar will be an overview of posthole emplacement including
the history and motivations behind it and will be aimed towards a broad
audience. We will also have panelists present on specific use cases of
posthole installation, followed by Q&A and discussion. By pulling together
the expertise of our community, we will learn from combined previous
experiences and recommendations going forward, ensure future seismic
posthole emplacements will be of the highest quality possible, and will
outline the areas ripe for exploration and technical development.

*RSVP here for the Best Practices for Seismic Posthole Emplacement Webinar
and Panel*
January 28th, 11am-1pm ET)

- 11:00-11:40am ET - Emily Wolin - Overview of Posthole Installation -
History and Motivation
- 11:40-11:50am ET - Q&A
- 11:50-12:00pm ET - Break
- 12:00-12:30pm ET - Posthole Case Studies (Puerto Rico Seismic Network,
University of Utah, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network)
- 12:30-12:55pm ET - Q&A and Discussion
- 12:55-01:00pm ET - Wrap Up and Future Events

Future events will begin in February with a series of technical discussions
scheduled for Thursdays at 1-2:30pm ET, with a schedule and list of topics
to come. Information will be posted here: We welcome all to
participate in these as presenters and attendees.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.



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