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Kimberly Demarest
2021-02-05 10:56:02
Dear Friends,

ISTI's 2021 Earthworm Online course can help anyone setting up,
managing, tuning, or developing for an Earthworm system.

We will be providing an expert’s insight into the EW system (a
cross-platform open-source regional automatic seismic processing
software system). You will learn tricks and tips from our decades of
experience operating and programming Earthworm. You will learn how to
set up regional automatic earthquake detection with the latest release
of Earthworm.

We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible due to a limited class
size. You can do this by completing our short registration/contact

Date: July 19 – 23 and 26 – 29 (9 days at 4 hrs./day).

Time: Start time: TBD. (To the extent possible, we take into
consideration time zones of registered students; start times of 9AM
EDT or 1PM EDT are likely possibilities).

Schedule: (9 days) 4-hour-long Zoom sessions Monday through Friday one
week, and Monday through Thursday another week; times TBD.

Online. (a link will be sent in advance to join the class).

The content will be the same as for our usual 4 1/2 day course, but
will be broken into shorter days. Four-hour course days allows
students a manageable schedule. It gives students from abroad access
to the course with minimal impact to their late night schedule and
allows everybody time to stretch, digest the course material, and tend
to their other work for the remaining half of the day.

Full description:

The course will be taught live by two expert instructors in an online
video conference format using Zoom. We will share screens to deliver
PowerPoint presentations on one screen and show running and
configuring Earthworm on another screen. If students need assistance,
they can share their screens, allowing instructors while the whole
class benefits from watching the fix. (Breakout rooms are also used
for individual help.)

It is suggested to have a computer with two displays to get the most
out of the course. You should be able to run Earthworm on your

There will likely be scheduled some optional social online meetings
before or after the course so that attendees can get to know attendees
from other organizations and share related or unrelated topics.

Register as soon as possible here:

Stefan Lisowski & Paul Friberg

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