Thread: Seismicity catalog released for Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment 2018

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Notice of Catalog Availability

In 2018-2019, the Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment (AACSE) deployed 75 ocean-bottom seismometers and 30 onshore seismometers in the Kodiak-Shumagin segments of the Alaska subduction zone, sampling the arc, thrust zone and outer rise. As part of the AACSE project, the Alaska Earthquake Center (AEC) has been producing an earthquake catalog that makes use of this new array, in addition to onshore Transportable Array and permanent stations. AACSE is the first major project sampling offshore seismicity in Alaska with ocean-bottom seismometers, so these data have widespread value.

The first half of that catalog, covering May - December 2018, is now released as a contributed dataset to the ANSS Comprehensive Earthquake Catalog (ComCat): This catalog is an enhancement of the standard AEC catalog by including additional earthquakes and arrivals detected from the AACSE stations, onshore and offshore. It is openly available and accessible through the ComCat Catalog search, setting the Catalog option to Aacse.

Additional data, including some metadata and information about the deployment, can be found on the AACSE project web page hosted by GeoPRISMS: with data links under the "Deployment and Data" tab.

The AACSE project is described in overview terms in an EOS article (Abers et al., 2019):

A full description of the data, deployment, and initial assessment is described in a Data Mine:
Barcheck, C.G., G.A. Abers, A.N. Adams, A. Bécel, J. Collins, J.B. Gaherty, P.J. Haeussler, Z. Li, G. Moore, E. Onyango, E. Roland, D.E. Sampson, S.Y. Schwartz, A.F. Sheehan, D.J. Shillington, P.J. Shore, S. Webb, D.A. Wiens, & L.L. Worthington (2020), The Alaska Amphibious Community Seismic Experiment (Data Mine), Seism. Res. Lett., 91, doi: 10.1785/022020018.

AACSE is funded by the National Science Foundation, award OCE-1654568.

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