Thread: Joint SCEC-IRIS-UNAVCO Workshop: Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory (April 13, 2021)

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*Joint SCEC-IRIS-UNAVCO Community Workshop: Rupture and Fault Zone
Observatory (RuFZO)*

*Date:* April 13, 2021 (08:00-12:00 PDT or UTC-7)

Geophysical data within rupture zones of significant earthquakes are
essential for testing and developing further models of earthquake
processes. However, such data have never been captured in-situ because this
undertaking requires continuous measurements with dense array sensors
concentrated near faults. Recently, a joint SCEC-IRIS-UNAVCO collaboration
responded to NSF’s Mid-scale Research Infrastructure-2 solicitation by proposing a
systematic deployment of linear instrumental arrays that cross the three
major branches of the San Andreas system in southern California. The
proposed Rupture and Fault Zone Observatory (RuFZO) is focused on in-situ
observations in the immediate vicinity of fault zones where rocks suffer
permanent deformation during faulting events. Near-fault arrays collecting
continuous seismic and geodetic measurements and dense temporary nodal
surveys will complement and be integrated with the data recorded by the
regional networks. The novel data captured by RuFZO could transform the
understanding of earthquake physics, improve ground motion prediction
estimates, and contribute to structural engineering efforts to mitigate
earthquake impacts – important priorities identified in the NAS CORES
(2020) report

A pre-proposal to construct RuFZO was submitted to NSF on March 5, 2021.
This workshop aims to gather input from the earthquake science community
about key research areas (i.e. what are the science questions, what data
are needed to address them) or experiments to incorporate into the RuFZO
science plan and facility design, along with opportunities to complement
research done by early warning and regional sensors. The feedback obtained
in the workshop will inform the development of the full proposal.

Anyone interested in the RuFZO project is invited to participate in the 1/2
day community workshop, which will be held via Zoom. For more information,
see workshop website:

*Registration Deadline:* Please register by April 6, 2021 (CLICK TO REGISTER

*Program Committee:* Yehuda Ben-Zion (SCEC), Robert Busby (IRIS), Rebecca
Bendick (UNAVCO), Frank Vernon (SIO), Tran Huynh (SCEC), and Kasey Aderhold

*It is SCEC policy to foster harassment-free environments wherever our
science is conducted. By accepting an invitation to participate in a
SCEC-supported event, by email or online registration, participants agree
to abide by the SCEC Activities Code of Conduct*

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