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Barbara Romanowicz
2021-03-31 21:00:48
*Dear Colleagues, *

* The joint IAGA-IASPEI Scientific Assembly will take place on 21-27th
August 2021 **online*. Please spread the word consider submitting an
abstract (by April 15th) our session : *

*S13 *
* Seismic structures in the mantle*

*Conveners:* Christine Thomas (Germany), Barbara Romanowicz, (France/USA),
Sebastian Rost (UK), Stéphane Rondenay (Norway)

*Session details:*
Dynamic processes and mineralogical changes generate seismic observables
that can be used to infer the current state of the mantle. Seismic studies
of interfaces in the mantle provide constraints on composition, temperature
and flow. Seismic tomography provides evidence for regional and local
changes of temperature and composition and images dynamic processes driven
by convection and plate tectonics. Combinations of global, regional and
local studies of Earth's mantle highlight differences and connections
between different tectonic regimes in the mantle. Together with constraints
from mineral physics, geochemistry and geodynamics, seismological studies
contribute to our understanding of the dynamics and evolution of the deep
Earth shaping our planet. This session invites contributions from all areas
of seismology investigating the structure of the Earth's mantle from the
lithosphere to the core-mantle boundary aiming to image the dynamics and
structure of the planet.

*Abstract submission deadline: 15th April 2021*
Please submit your abstract here

*Registration deadline is April 15th; details are here

Best wishes,
Barbara Romanowicz (barbara<at>

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