Thread: IAGA-IASPEI 2021 session on Cryoseismology - Extended abstract submission deadline

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Dear Colleague,

The *abstract submission deadline* for the virtual *IAGA-IASPEI 2021
Joint Scientific Assembly* (, August
21-27, 2021, has been *extended* to *30 April*.

We hope you may consider submitting your abstract to session *S9:
Cryoseismology*, accepting both oral and poster presentations on a wide
array of cryoseismological topics. For your convenience, please find the
scope appended below.

We have the pleasure of announcing the following invited presentations:
- "Improved early-warning of subglacial floods based on seismological
data", by Prof. Dr. Eva Eibl (University of Potsdam, Germany)
- "Swell-Triggered Seismicity at the Near-Front Damage Zone of the Ross
Ice Shelf", by Prof. Richard Aster (Colorado State University, USA)

Looking forward to meeting you online during the Assembly!

With kind regards,

Myrto Pirli
Masaki Kanao
Paul Winberry
Douglas Wiens


Insight into cryospheric dynamics is of utmost importance to a wide
spectrum of scientific fields, from glaciology and polar climate
research to projections of sea level rise. During the last decade, a
growing volume of literature has been establishing cryoseismology as a
very appropriate interdisciplinary tool to answer questions on diverse
dynamic processes in the cryosphere, from ice-shelf crevassing and
iceberg detachment, to glacier surging, basal stick-slip and tidally
induced grounding-line migration, as well as phenomena related to
subglacial water flow. In addition, techniques such as seismic
interferometry and H/V spectral ratios of ambient noise have been
emerging as potent tools to gain knowledge on the structure of shallow
ice layers and changes in the permafrost. We invite contributions on all
topics of cryoseismological research, covering both the Arctic and
Antarctica, as well as mountain glaciers in temperate climates.

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