Thread: plot2 error -1?

Started: 2021-05-04 08:07:29
Last activity: 2021-05-12 15:25:35
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Guust Nolet
2021-05-04 08:07:29
Dear all,

I get an Error: -1 message using plot2 on files I wrote with wsac1. Does anyone know what it means?

It does not seem to be limited to wsac1, for example:

SAC> funcgen boxcar
SAC> w dum1.sac
SAC> funcgen sine
SAC> w dum2.sac
SAC> r dum1.sac dum2.sac
SAC> p2

I do not get this when I plot them separately:

SAC> r dum1.sac
SAC> p
SAC> r dum2.sac
SAC> p

Guust Nolet

18:12:06 v.f0c1234e