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Started: 2021-05-04 19:08:26
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Benjamin Fernando
2021-05-04 19:08:26
Dear all,

For those graduate students and early-career researchers interested in planetary science, the next round of the “InSightSeers” guest observer program is now open for applications.

This program will enable participants to observe one of InSight’s Science Team meetings, to get involved in mission discussions, and to benefit from mentorship by senior mission scientists. More details are below, this iteration of the program is open to those of any nationality.

Questions can be directed to the program organiser, Dr Ingrid Daubar, or myself. The deadline for filling out the application is 28 May.

InSight is a Discovery-class NASA mission currently operating on Mars. You can find out more about it here:


Ben Fernando

Co-Chair, InSight Impacts Science Theme Group
PhD Student in Geophysics, University of Oxford


InSightSeers Program Application Open

The InSight team is recruiting a second round of “InSightSeers”. This is a program intended to expose early career scientists to the experience of working on an interplanetary mission team. They will be paired with a mentor from the science team and allowed to observe the virtual science team meeting in its entirety from 28 June - 2 July 2021. We hope that this will provide valuable insight (ha) into the work and team dynamics that take place on missions and help early career scientists make informed decisions about their career paths.

This opportunity is open to graduate students in or beyond their third year of postgraduate studies (PhD or Master’s) [i.e. for UK researchers, if you did an integrated MSci, you ought be in at least your second year of PhD] and early career scientists within seven years of receiving their post-graduate degree. Respondents will be selected based upon the anticipated impact to their career path and the alignment of their research interests with the scientific objectives of the mission. InSight recognizes and supports the benefits of having diverse and inclusive communities and expects that such values will be reflected in this opportunity. Questions can be sent to ingrid_daubar<at><ingrid_daubar<at>> with the subject line “InSightSeers”. For more details and to apply, fill out this form by Friday 28 May 2021:


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