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Started: 2021-05-23 08:59:26
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Dear colleagues,

*Seismica* is a community-led effort to build a *Diamond Open Access
journal for seismology and earthquake science*, launching in early 2022.
Diamond Open Access journals are peer-reviewed, free for all to read,
without subscriptions, and do not charge article processing fees to
authors. They are supported by donations (if needed) and community efforts
and make use of open-source software for handling submissions. There are
several successful examples of such journals, including Volcanica (, which has operated for three years, and provides a
template that we wish to follow.

Our plan is that the scope of Seismica will be broad, covering the full
gamut of topics related to seismology and earthquakes (Earth structure,
instrumentation, faulting and the earthquake source, engineering
seismology, risk reduction and communication, education, and more). Along
with research articles, we intend to publish short, observation-driven
reports of earthquakes, reports of instrument deployments and networks, and
null-results, providing a place where these important studies can be
reviewed and published openly.

One important goal of Seismica is to ensure global representation among its
editors and reviewers. *We are currently forming an editorial selection
committee to recruit 8 editors from diverse backgrounds*. We strive to
represent the full community of researchers in seismology and earthquake
science. We are writing to ask you to consider nominating your colleagues
or yourself to the editorial selection committee. To do so please email us
at info<at> Alternatively please submit an application for an
editorial position once the currently formed committee announces a call.

If you would like to be informed about developments with Seismica, please
consider joining our mailing list (by visiting our website at In addition, you are invited to join our Slack
workspace (please contact us to be invited), where a community of over 160
contributors is involved in discussions about the building of this new
journal. Lastly, we would appreciate all efforts to communicate this
message further to your colleagues and collaborators.
For more information about Seismica and Diamond Open Access publishing, see
this recent EGU blog post ( with an extended
description of Seismica’s aims and origins. Feel free to contact us any
time via email (info<at> or via Twitter (@WeAreSeismica

Gareth Funning and Alice Gabriel, on behalf of the Seismica community

Dr. Alice-Agnes Gabriel
Earthquake Physics, Institute of Geophysics, Department of Earth and
Environmental Sciences, LMU Munich

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