Thread: ES3 Special Issue on Hazards and Society- call for submissions

Started: 2021-06-14 14:25:48
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Dear colleagues,

We'd like to get in touch to let you know about a newly launched open access journal ES3 (Earth Science, Systems and Society,1,oNP7IRmvOxmINW4vJ8X0oZ2_X13V_AMF4u3pbuzgBTYB0mixDcakj67NM8DfWc3j6JQSrNGoq0aUC2jPEBmpJ2_XzZE5gJ1JTA3byhi4XA,,&typo=1>). We are accepting submissions for the first issue that uses cross-disciplinary research to showcase the relevance of geoscience to sustainability in society.

We are also accepting submissions for a number of Special Issues that are particularly relevant to the sedimentological community:

The Special Issue Hazards and Society,1,AXdLNnLvF2VmTkzP-7K1jDLOFR11nemfzjFxghfIOh6FY0RQa_1X2m_HegW3twk5EAMOr7ICWIsX7EcFIVBG9YVzuFalbD8f2zNOC5q2xgk,&typo=1> aims to highlight how environmental hazards and risk interact with society, showcasing the important role that Earth Science plays in our socio-economic resilience to environment hazards. We are welcoming any contributions that fit this bill, particularly multidisciplinary contributions that bring together different perspectives from natural and social sciences, engineering, industry and policy.

Two further Special Issues will cover topics related to Earth Sciences and the Race to Net Zero and Sustainability in the Extractive Industries Submissions are now open and will remain open until December 2021.

ES3 is an official journal of the Geological Society. The Journal's mission focuses on encouraging inclusivity and diversity in publishing, engaging directly with early career researchers, embodying principles of openness and transparency in science, and presenting a forward-looking perspective on geoscience and related disciplines. As a not-for-profit endeavour from the Geological Society of London, any surplus is reinvested in discounts and waivers to increase access for those without funding.

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please do contact us.


Walid, Natasha, Rachel, Charlene


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