Thread: IRISPH5 Data Request

Started: 2021-07-06 19:22:18
Last activity: 2021-07-06 19:22:18
Abernathy, Kaitlyn
2021-07-06 19:22:18

I have been working on a project that requests data from the LArge-n Seismic Survey in Oklahoma (LASSO). I have the station metadata available at this link:

I have been using a Python script to request data from the PH5 Web Services, and I'm using code found at this link:
Specifically, I have been trying to use the "dataselect" request.

I believe my problem has been coming from trying to request data from the "2A" network. At certain points, I have been able to successfully request data, but at others, the data request will fail (even if the request has been successful in the past). I will go ahead and attach a photo of the errors I am getting after attempting fetch data with the network set to "2A", a wildcard for the stations, location set to "--,01", the channel set to "DPZ", and the start/end times set to a known event.

Is there a way to figure out why I am getting an error that there is no data to request? Is there another way to request the data I am looking for?

Thank you!
Kaitlyn Abernathy

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