Thread: Fall AGU Session T004 - Continental Collisions – Structure and Evolution

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Dear Colleagues,

Apologies for cross-posting - the abstract submission deadline is fast approaching!

We would like to draw your attention to our 2021 AGU Fall Meeting session (virtual only):

T004 - Continental Collisions – Structure and Evolution

Representing the final episodes of a full Wilson cycle, continental collisions play a fundamental role in assembling stable continents but also produce lithospheric boundaries with a large potential for reactivation and the migration of fluids and magmas. With the cooling of Earth and the corresponding rheological modification of mantle rocks, the response of Earth's lithosphere to continental collision is expected to vary considerably. The structure of continental collision zones through time is therefore key in understanding the evolution of plate tectonics and supercontinent cycles. An increasing coverage of geochemical, geophysical and geological data and ever more elaborate geodynamic models are providing unprecedented insights into the nature and evolution of structures related to lithospheric convergence in time and space. We welcome submissions from various fields of imaging and modeling that target the secular change in lithospheric architecture of continental collision zones.
Please note that the abstract submission deadline is 4 August at 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT. 
Session invited speakers are:
Yantao Luo, Yale University, USA
Marco Giovanni Malusa, Università Milano Bicocca, Italy
Huaiyu Yuan, Liang Zhao, Klaus Gessner, and Vadim Levin

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