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Started: 2021-08-23 15:40:52
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Eileen Martin
2021-08-23 15:40:52
One issue identified by several DAS RCN working groups is the need for more shared computational tools for analyzing DAS data. As a first step to help with this, we've created the DAS RCN GitHub Organization:

We already have a few codes shared through this organization (one introducing how to read and visualize DAS data, one on vertical DAS array processing, and one on machine learning with DAS data). We hope that this will make it easier to have a central place to find and share codes that are most relevant to DAS data analysis.

If you have some code you are interested in sharing through the DAS RCN GitHub Organization, we invite you to join the organization! Please first check that you can log into, then send an email request with your GitHub username to eileenrmartin<at>

What is a GitHub Organization?
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Is my code a good fit for this?
It's not necessary to duplicate all the software efforts of array processing and seismic station processing that are already available, so we encourage you to continue using and contributing to other community software tools when possible. But, when there are data formats or parts of an analysis that are particular to DAS, we hope you will consider sharing your code through the DAS RCN GitHub Organization! We highly encourage you to include readme's, documentation, unit testing, and examples based on publicly-available data.

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