Thread: Please help us select the branding of the EarthScope Consortium

Started: 2021-08-24 13:01:16
Last activity: 2021-08-24 13:01:16
Dear IRIS and UNAVCO Communities,

As part of the planning for the merger of IRIS and UNAVCO to form the EarthScope Consortium, we are working with a design firm to develop a new brand identity. This is a fun and exciting opportunity to develop a new visual look that will carry us forward into the future and we need your help. You can participate in this process by taking a few minutes to complete a short survey about our future brand. It’s only 10 questions long, and it’s a chance to express your inner artist.


We need your responses by this Friday, August 27 so the design firm can present the initial results of the survey at our merger planning Town Hall the following week (On Thursday, Sept. 2 – see the “Joining Forces” website for more details -


Becks Bendick, President, UNAVCO
Bob Woodward, President, IRIS
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