Thread: 12NCEE Call for Papers

Started: 2021-09-16 14:40:03
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Elizabeth Angell
2021-09-16 14:40:03
The 12th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (12NCEE) Call for
Papers is now open! Special session
proposals are due September 24, and papers are due October 15. Please note
that there will be no preliminary abstract submission and review for
papers—the first and only submission will be a 4-page paper manuscript.

NCEE is a milestone conference hosted by the Earthquake Engineering
Research Institute (EERI) every four years. 12NCEE will convene from June
27-July 1 2022 in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. The conference will bring
together professionals from a broad range of earthquake-relevant
disciplines, providing an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to
share the latest knowledge and techniques to better understand and mitigate
the damaging effects of earthquakes and tsunamis. Timely and relevant
lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic are also expected. A limited number of
registration grants will be available for students, early-career academics,
and early-career professionals. For more information, visit or contact ncee<at> ncee<at>

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