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Started: 2010-04-20 19:35:29
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Andreas Wuestefeld
2010-04-20 19:35:29
Dear SAC developers.

I have read in the mailing list, that a new release is due soon. That
prompted me to collect some issues and ideas I've encountered

* SAC itself does check for byteswap, but sacio.a does require the SAC
file in native format.
* number format is generally in exponential format. MacSAC is more
readable by using flexible format (I guess George is using %g instead of
I have changed my private version so it does a clearer printout, but
that might not work in every circumstances:
Open the file ./src/dff/formhv.c and find the line
sprintf(kvalue,"%#16.6e",Fhdr[item]); and change the containig block to:

if( icat == cmlhf.icatf ){
lok = Fhdr[item] != cmhdr.fundef ;
if( lok || linc ) {
if (10e-6 <= Fhdr[item] && Fhdr[item] <= 10e6 || Fhdr[item] ==0. ) {
else {
ljust( kvalue,41 );

* green is an horrible color on white if rgb[0 0 1]
better, and more readible would be rgb[0 0 .6]
same is true for cyan, teal is much easier to see on white background
teal: rgb[0 .5 .5]
I looked for it in the source code, but had to give up :-)

* Finally, the "read alpha" does not work propperly on Cygwin. That
seems to be related to the "atof" function in "dfm/rdci.c"... That
command works fine if I write a stand-alone function for testing atof,
but somehow in SAC it screws up, giving either NaNs or 0. My c coding is
apparently not strong enough to find the cause, but I suspect it being
some mixed string definitions?

* Last not least, did you have a chance to address the $KEY $DEFAULT
issue I mentioned in an earlier email?

None of the points in the above list are critical, but I thought I bring
them up anyway :-)
Let me know if and how I can help with any of that.

Best regards from ash-covered UK

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