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Started: 2021-11-11 09:49:03
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Justin Sweet
2021-11-11 09:49:03
Dear Community Members,

With the recent retirement of the RefTek 125A “Texan” single-channel systems from the PASSCAL instrument pool, IRIS is interested in finding a new home for this equipment where it can continue to support seismologic research.

PASSCAL has approximately 2,000 RT-125A Texan digitizers, plus ancillary equipment (programming hubs, geophones, shipping cases, etc.). All equipment was either tested and deemed to be in good working condition, or was last reported in good working condition when removed from active deployment. However, the current working status is not guaranteed and no further support of these systems will be available through the PASSCAL Instrument Center.

IRIS is now accepting requests from domestic educational institutions who are interested in acquiring this surplus equipment. There is no charge for the equipment itself, but recipients will be responsible for costs associated with shipping the equipment to their institution. To submit a request, please visit this link:

To simplify distribution and shipping, we have divided the remaining Texan inventory into 4 equal batches of 540 Texans along with geophones and associated equipment.

Each of the 4 batches will include the following:
• 540 RT-125A Texan digitizers
• 974 single-channel 4.5Hz geophones
• Hubs for programming and data offload
• Cases for transport
• Cables and tools for operating/programming/offloading the Texans

**No batteries will be included in these systems**

Recipients will be responsible for shipping costs from the PASSCAL Instrument Center (Socorro, NM) to their institution. As shipping prices have risen significantly in the past year, we provide the following estimates of shipment sizes/weights to allow you to price out approximate shipping costs. Each batch is prepackaged on 6 pallets with the following weights and dimensions.
3 pallets: 664lbs each, 48x45x56 inches each
1 pallet: 696lbs, 48x45x56 inches
1 pallet: 198lbs, 48x45x25 inches
1 pallet: 226lbs, 48x48x23 inches

Any U.S. educational institution member may request from 1 to 4 batches of equipment. No smaller subsets will be broken out and if there are components in these batches that are not required, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to dispose of those items.

In addition to the equipment mentioned above, existing PASSCAL software for RT-125A programming, data offload, and data conversion will be offered free-of-charge, but with no ongoing support or guidance from the PASSCAL Instrument Center. Software is no longer maintained and is not guaranteed to compile or work with new/updated operating systems.

Requests must be submitted by Friday, December 10, 2021 and will be reviewed by the Portable Program Manager and the PASSCAL Standing Committee Chair. Selected applicants will be notified by December 30, and equipment will be shipped early in 2022.

We hope that this equipment, which has already provided a wealth of data for the community, will continue to support seismologic research for years to come.

Questions may be directed to Justin Sweet (justin.sweet<at>

Justin Sweet, PhD
Portable Project Associate
IRIS/PASSCAL Instrument Center

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