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As the semester is winding down, please share this opportunity with them and encourage them to apply to participate!

IRIS Undergraduate Internship Program- Summer 2022*!

IRIS interns spend 8 to 10 weeks applying their math, physics, and geoscience knowledge to explore Earth processes and its interior. Research projects may involve the deployment of seismic instruments in the field (within the US or internationally), and/or analyses of seismic data in a lab setting with the ultimate goal of producing results to be presented at a national scientific meeting. Interns receive a weekly stipend, support for travel and housing, and full funding to attend the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

We are excited to receive applications from students representing the full spectrum of society, as well as student with lived experiences such as students with disabilities, veterans, and non-traditional students!

To learn more and apply, please visit
- The deadline for students is February 1.
- The deadline for mentors is February 15.

Best Wishes,

*IRIS is committed to supporting the next generation of seismologists by running the internship program during the summer of 2022. Our aim is to operate the program normally and in person if at all possible. However, if that is not possible we have a outlined a spectrum of possibilities to ensure student education continues if necessary.

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