Thread: 2022 SSA Session: Everything Old Is New Again – Resurging Use of Analog Data

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the following session at the 2022 Seismological Society of America (SSA) annual meeting, which will be held in person at Bellevue, Washington on April 19–23 2022 focusing on research using legacy seismic data.

Everything Old Is New Again – Resurging Use of Analog Data

Efforts to understand Earth dynamics often depend on our ability to interpret past behaviors of complex systems. Much of this observational data was collected during the pre-digital era and is difficult to discover and access. The seismological community benefits greatly from these continuous observations that have been collected, at some locations, for over a century. When subject to analysis using modern methods, analog seismic data can reveal new insights and have the potential to enable discoveries in many fields. These include not only seismotectonics and seismic hazard, but also Earth structure, induced seismicity, ambient noise, tsunamis, landslides, volcanoes and effects associated with climate change. This data set is being rediscovered and progress continues many fronts in advancing its use. To that end, we invite presentations from a wide range of activities that advance the preservation and discovery and illustrate the value of legacy seismic data. We seek presentations from users and maintainers of data on addressing issues concerning preservation and access as well as efforts to create standards to enhance search and discovery, improve usability and enable access. Presentations on new and successfully adapted and applied techniques demonstrating the utility of these data are strongly encouraged. Contributions may include but are not limited to, studies of seismicity, natural hazards, seismotectonics, Earth structure and climate signatures as well as studies that advance the preservation of records through scanning and vectorization and efforts towards understanding and establishing metadata standards needed to successfully use legacy data.

Allison Bent, Natural Resources Canada (allison.bent<at> <allison.bent<at>>) Lorraine J. Hwang, University of California, Davis (ljhwang<at> <ljhwang<at>>) Peggy Hellweg, University of California, Berkeley
(peggy<at> <peggy<at>>) Richard D. Lewis, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (richard.d.lewis1.civ<at> <richard.d.lewis1.civ<at>>) Qi Ou, University of Oxford (qi.ou<at> <qi.ou<at>>)

Abstract deadline is January 12, 2022 5p PST.

Please also attend our Special Interest Group, SOS (Save Old Seismograms) for extended discussions of issues surrounding legacy data.

-Lorraine on behalf of the Convenors.

Lorraine Hwang, Ph.D. - Director
Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics
UC Davis

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