Thread: 2022 SSA Session: "Observations and Modeling of the 2021 Haiti Earthquake”

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the following session: “Observations and Modeling of the 2021 Haiti Earthquake” at the 2022 SSA Annual Meeting, taking place in person at Bellevue, Washington on 19-23 April 2022. The deadline to submit an abstract is 12 January 2022 at 5 pm PST.

Session Title: Observations and Modeling of the 2021 Haiti Earthquake

The August 14, 2021 Mw7.2 Nippes, Haiti earthquake ruptured along the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault Zone (EPGFZ), about 100 km west of the devastating 2010 Mw7.0 Leogane, Haiti earthquake. The EPGFZ is part of a system of strike slip and thrust faults that comprise the transpressive boundary between the North American and Caribbean plate. In this session, we plan to highlight observations and models of this rupture sequence, informing the ongoing debate on how this complex fault system partitions strain as it transitions from subduction to strike-slip regimes. In bringing together the latest observations and models of the 2021 earthquake, we hope to forge new perspectives on ongoing seismic hazards in the region.

We welcome all abstract submissions related to observations and models of the 2021 earthquake. This includes rupture imaging, relocated aftershock sequences, field observations, surface rupture observations, ground failure observations, landslide observations, rupture modeling and hazard modeling. Submissions with retrospective analyses of the 2010 earthquake that shed light on the broader context of the earthquake sequence are also welcome.


H. Zoe Yin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego (hyin<at> <hyin<at>>)
Alice Agnes-Gabriel, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (gabriel<at> <gabriel<at>>)
Roby Douilly, University of California, Riverside (robyd<at> <robyd<at>>)

Roby Douilly
Assistant Professor of Seismology
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
University of California, Riverside
Office: Geology Building - Room 414
Phone: (951) 827-2976

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