Thread: 2022 SSA Session: “Using Data and Experience to Improve Geohazards Communication"

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Dear colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the following
session: *“Using
Data and Experience to Improve Geohazards Communication"* at the 2022 SSA
Annual Meeting, taking place in person at Bellevue, Washington on 19-23
April 2022. The deadline to submit an abstract is 12 January 2022 at 5 pm

Effective communication of potential and unfolding geohazards and the
science that underpins our understanding of these hazards is critical for
delivering accurate information to various stakeholders, including
religious, community, and government leaders, scientists, emergency
responders and managers, and the interested and at-risk public. While good
communication techniques are paramount in any science communication,
geohazards communication requires special considerations, and different
groups, organizations and universities may play different (but key) roles
in the communication process.

This session aims to 1) explore research-based evidence and case studies of
communicating about geohazards through various types of media and to
different communities, 2) share lessons learned and best practices for
communicating geohazards in the public sphere, and 3) facilitate
community-wide discussion about how we can more accurately, effectively and
responsibly communicate geohazards science to a broad audience using
various media and communications partnerships.

*Conveners *
Wendy Bohon, IRIS
Scott Johnson, UNAVCO
Lisa Wald, USGS

Wendy Bohon, PhD

Geologist, Science Communication Specialist (she/her)
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS)

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normal working hours. Please do not feel **pressure to respond outside of
your own regular working hours**.*

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