Thread: 2022 SSA Session: Insights from earthquakes in and around Alaska in the 20 years since the Denali Fault earthquake

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Dear Colleagues,
Please consider submitting an abstract to our session “Insights from earthquakes in and around Alaska in the 20 years since the Denali Fault earthquake” at the 2022 Seismological Society of America annual meeting, which will be held in Bellevue, WA from April 19-23.
Abstracts are due on January 12 at 5 PM Pacific time. To submit an abstract, please visit:!!HXCxUKc!hPLVtgZrZ7E8S8vjp7FEaykVjf-LdKDnCAGJJtjN6O7EliUF3YQkGyvmz4V3DAF1LA%24&>

This year will mark 20 years since the 3 November 2002 M7.9 Denali Fault Earthquake. The last two decades have seen a number of intriguing and important earthquakes across Alaska, as well as an explosion in the amount of seismic and geodetic instrumentation and data to study them. Notable Alaska earthquakes over the last two decades include the largest earthquake in the United States since 1965 (2021 M8.2 Chignik), the largest intraslab earthquake in the United States (2014 M7.9 Little Sitkin earthquake in the western Aleutians), an earthquake that at least partially filled the enigmatic Shumagin seismic gap (2020 M7.8 Simeonof), the complex Gulf of Alaska earthquake in 2018 and two damaging events in Cook Inlet (2016 Iniskin and 2018 Anchorage). Additional large earthquakes have occurred nearby in the North Pacific region, including the 2012 M7.8 Haida Gwaii earthquake offshore Canada and the 2017 M7.8 earthquake north of the Komandorsky Islands. Meanwhile, observational capabilities have grown dramatically due to the EarthScope program, significant components of which have been incorporated into long-term network capabilities, the continuing enhancement of InSAR measurements and the growth in the number of near-field strong motion recordings.
This session welcomes presentations on all aspects of earthquakes in Alaska and the north Pacific, including western Canada and the Russian Far East. We welcome geological, geodetic and seismological studies, modeling efforts, hazard assessments and integrative studies that address earthquakes in this region and their hazard, seismotectonics and mechanics of fault systems.

Jeff Freymueller, Julie Elliott, Ronni Grapenthin, Peter Haeussler, Lucinda Leonard, Natalia Ruppert, Andrew Schaeffer, Derek Schutt, and Rob Witter

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