Thread: SSA Abstracts due January 12, 2022

Started: 2022-01-06 23:23:22
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Herb Wang
2022-01-06 23:23:22
Deadline to submit abstract to 2022 SSA Annual Meeting in Bellevue WA 19-23 April 2022 is next week, January 12, 2022. Please consider a contribution to the Technical Session for DAS.

Fiber Optic Seismology: Understanding Earth Structure and Dynamics with Distributed Sensors

We invite contributions from research related to all aspects of fiber-optic sensing methods in seismology and geophysics, including but not limited to: advancements in optical engineering; developments in theoretical and methodological aspects of fiber-optic sensing; novel processing and data handling approaches; case studies from recent and ongoing fiber-optic sensing experiments; comparisons between non-inertial and inertial instruments and insights gained from fiber-optic sensing measurements in the context of other types of seismological/geophysical datasets.


Verónica Rodríguez Tribaldos, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (vrodrigueztribaldos<at><vrodrigueztribaldos<at>>)
Kirsten Chojnicki, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (kirsten.chojnicki<at><kirsten.chojnicki<at>>) Ariel Lellouch, Tel Aviv University (ariellel<at><ariellel<at>>)
Hunter A. Knox, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (hunter.knox<at><hunter.knox<at>>) Patrick Paitz, ETH Zürich (patrick.paitz<at><patrick.paitz<at>>)
Brad Lipovsky, University of Washington (bpl7<at><bpl7<at>>)
Herb Wang, University of Wisconsin (hfwang<at><hfwang<at>>)

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