Thread: EGU 2022 Session - GD8.4 "Alpine-Mediterranean mountain belts and basins from mantle to surface"

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Dear colleagues,

the deadline for abstract submission for the 2022 EGU meeting is fastly approaching.
(abstracts will be accepted until 12 January 2022 at 13:00 CET).

We would like to draw your attention and invite you to submit your abstracts to following session:

Alpine-Mediterranean mountain belts and basins from mantle to surface

We invite contributions that address the present and past structure and dynamics of the Alpine orogens of the Mediterranean area. Since 2015, the international AlpArray mission and related projects have generated a plethora of new data to test the hypothesis that mantle circulation driving plates’ re-organization during collision has both immediate and long-lasting effects on the structure, motion, earthquake distribution and landscape evolution in mountain belts. Links between Earth’s surface and mantle have been forged by integrating 3D geophysical imaging of the entire crust-mantle system, with geologic observations and modelling to provide a look both backwards and forwards in time, the 4th dimension. This integrated 4D approach, initially focused on the Alps, has been expanded to the Pannonian-Carpathian and Adriatic areas, and now includes the Apennines and Dinarides. A new initiative, AdriaArray, is underway to shed light on plate-scale deformation and orogenic processes in this dynamic part of the Alpine-Mediterranean chain. The forthcoming Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE (DIVE) project bridges new observations across scales and investigates the evolution of the continental lower crust. This session provides an interdisciplinary platform for highlighting the newest results and open questions of the aforementioned projects, regions and themes.

Co-organized by GMPV11/SM1/TS7
Conveners: Claudia Piromallo, György Hetényi, Peter McPhee, Thomas Meier, Pietro Sternai

Abstract submission

Looking forward to your contribution
with best regards from the conveners
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