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Started: 2022-03-01 19:31:32
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Ross Parnell-Turner
2022-03-01 19:31:32
Dear colleagues,

Thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation, we are happy to announce that the U.S. is now once again a ‘Regular’ member of InterRidge. InterRidge is an international, non-profit organization supported by fee-paying member nations, concerned with promoting all aspects of ocean floor research (its study, use, and protection), administered by a rotating Office that is currently hosted by Korea. Although the U.S. was a founding member of InterRidge and hosted the InterRidge Office in 1992-1993 and in 2007-2009, it has not been a ‘Regular’ member since 2017. Following the GeoPRISMs Rift2Ridge workshop in summer 2021, a White Paper ( was presented to NSF that resulted in support for renewed membership.

Membership of InterRidge will allow U.S. scientists to more easily identify research opportunities and collaborations with international partners, participate in working groups, and gain access to support for spare berths on cruises and student fellowships. More details can be found on the InterRidge webpage (, and in the White Paper.

We encourage members of the US Ridge community (broadly defined, including but not limited to geologists, geophysicists, marine chemists, biologists, and physical oceanographers) to fill out this 3-minute form ( and to join the US InterRidge mailing list.

We are also seeking to form the first US InterRidge Steering Committee. This committee, ideally encompassing a broad range of subdisciplines, will be responsible for representing the US community interests to InterRidge. For more information, see the draft terms of reference here: If you wish to serve on this committee please indicate your interest (again, via this form: by 1 April, 2022. We aim to have the committee convened by summer 2022.

We look forward to fostering new opportunities for collaboration between US ridge scientists and the international community as a result of new membership of InterRidge.


US InterRidge Selection Committee,

Ross Parnell-Turner (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)
Zach Eilon (UC Santa Barbara)
Laurent Montesi (University of Maryland)
Joyce Sim (Georgia Tech)
Jessica Warren (University of Delaware)
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