Thread: Data not downloading when its available

Started: 2022-03-01 23:54:41
Last activity: 2022-03-01 23:54:41
Loring Schaible
2022-03-01 23:54:41

I am trying to collect EH-E,N, and Z data for station WY YJC (location 01).

The attached screenshot shows the availability of this data.

I have used the attached Matlab script and IrisFetch to successfully collect EHE and EHN data from 2013-2021. The EHZ data, however, simply does not download even though it says in all the places Ive looked that there is data available for this channel.

My friend has run the same script and same issue. It doesnt seem to be ascript/request issue.

Could I get some help with this?

Thanks so much!

- Loring Schaible
University of New Mexico

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