Thread: Naming error using response to retrieve pole-zero files

Started: 2022-03-14 03:02:04
Last activity: 2022-03-14 03:02:04
Topics: SAC Help
Dear all, \
I am trying to use SAC (latest version 102.0, on Linux) response function to retrieve station metadata for my waveform data. The error occurred when SAC is trying to name the retrieved sacpz files. \
As is listed in the manual (, the output file names should inlcude network, station, location, and channel. However, when I ran the sample code \
`response resp net BK sta BKS loc * cha BHZ`,\
SAC named my file as `.BHZ` rather than `RESP.BK.BKS..BHZ`. \
What should I do to name my sacpz files correctly? Or is there a bug in my release? \
Any suggestions and comments are highly appreciated. \
Best regards,
Shao-Tung Lee
20:18:01 v.22510d55