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2022-03-22 20:58:59
Hi Robert

We are a very small not for profit group.

We use a simple data collection page for IRIS and other data sources

which is open on the web for anyone (govt, private, school, academic,

We are trying to encourage an interest in earthquakes in Australia.

Would we be able to continue with this?


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Dear IRIS Community-

As initially announced in our Winter Data Services newsletter, IRIS Data
Services has begun a project to introduce user identification to seismic
data access.

We expect that by the end of June we will begin to require most users to
have a login account to gain access to raw seismic data. We will be making
some exceptions for Public Interest applications, classrooms, and registered
automated utilities with special pre-registered provisions and minor-usage
allowances that will not require a personal login to access.

We are currently completing the first phase of our development plan, which
expands upon the web site login that IRIS already has in place. Our plan is
to expand the choices you have for login accounts; most especially to be
able to use your university credentials. We will also begin to form user
profiles through tools and facilities on our web site.

Any registered user will have access to open, non-restricted data, just as
before. The mechanics for access will simply require a username and
password to be provided in your query.

( more information on authenticated access can be found at our 'dataselect'
web service page: )

Our goal is to make this transition as painless as possible for the
researcher as well as for the developers of software that accesses data from
IRIS. We expect that there will be few changes required to software that
accesses IRIS data with our current designs. For those with special needs
such as kiosks, displays, and classroom settings, we will provide special
registrations to allow such tools unfettered, anonymized access.

Future email notices will provide details on what to expect, what the
release timeline looks like, and what changes in your routines will be
required. Our intention is to make the impact of this change on your work
as small as possible.

If you have questions or comments on this topic, please direct them to
<webmaster<at> <webmaster<at>> >.


Robert Casey
Adam Clark
Jerry Carter
IRIS Data Services

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