Thread: 3ECEES(2022ESC): Towards reproducible automated procedure for building uniform and comprehensive earthquake catalogues - Session 27

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Dear Colleagues,

Consider submitting your abstractto the following 3ECEES(ESC2022)
seismology session:

*S27: Towards reproducible automated procedure for building uniform and
comprehensiveearthquake catalogues*

We seek contributions that focus on automated methodologies and seismic
waveform processing tools that can be implemented (or are already
implemented) as robust and reproducible schemes by national earthquake
monitoring agencies and data centres for effectively processing, and
making the most, of the continuously growing volumes of seismological
data. Contributions that address the issues of building uniform and
compressive earthquake catalogues that can be extended to global scale
observations are specially encouraged.

Submissions are accepted before *31 March 2022* at

The 3ECEES meeting a joint
event of the 17^th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and
38^th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission that
will be held in person in Bucharest, Romania in the period of 4-9
September, 2022.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest.

With kind regards,

The session conveners (Natalia Poiata, Tom Garth, Mihaela Popa)

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