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Kimberly Demarest
2022-04-07 15:10:37
Dear Friends,

ISTI's 2022 Earthworm Online course can help anyone setting up, managing, tuning, or developing for an Earthworm system.  


+ What is Earthworm?

Earthworm (EW) is the popular cross-platform open-source regional earthquake data acquisition and location processing system. Originally developed by the USGS, it is now maintained and moved forward by a group of developers that ISTI coordinates with. ISTI offers the same content in our online course with nine 4-hour days as ISTI has offered in previous face to face courses. Learn about EW on the class page:

+ What will you learn?

In the course, we will be providing an expert’s insight into the Earthworm system (an open-source seismic automatic processing system for local or regional events). You will learn tricks and tips from our decades of experience operating and programming Earthworm. You will learn how to set up regional automatic earthquake detection with the latest release of Earthworm.

We encourage you to sign up as soon as possible due to a limited class size. You can do this by completing our short registration/contact form:

+ When:
Date: 13 – 17 and 21 – 24 June 2022 (9 days at 4 hrs./day).

Time of Day: TBD. To the best of our ability, class times are determined once students register so as to take into consideration attendee time zones.

Schedule: (9 days) 4-hour-long Zoom sessions Monday through Friday one week, and Tuesday through Friday another week; times TBD.

+ Where:
Online via Zoom. (a link will be sent in advance to join the class).


+ Content:

The Immersive Hands-On Course Will Cover:

* Installation
* Configuration
* Troubleshooting
* Archiving and Playback of data
* Data exchange
* Visualization tools
* Overview of various non-Earthworm post-processing options
* Tuning for Earthquake Location and Magnitudes
* Programming new modules, learning APIs
* In addition, we will provide a tuning session for anyone that wants to bring their network’s Earthworm configuration to the course. We will show you how to playback your data and tune the earthquake location engine.

(The content will be the same as for our usual 4 1/2 day course, but will be broken into shorter days).

The 4-hour course days allows students to attend to other work the other half of the day, and to not be sitting with a headset in their ear for 8 hours straight! And it would also mean students on the other side of the world would only have 4 late night hours.

Full description:

+ Format:
The course will be taught live by expert instructors in an online video conference format using Zoom. If students need assistance, they can share their screens, allowing instructors to troubleshoot live while the whole class benefits from watching the fix. (Breakout rooms are also used for individual help where the entire class might receive less benefit.)

+ Equipment:
It is required to have a computer capable of running Zoom and Earthworm simultaneously. All students are expected to have their video turned on so the instructors can gauge the success of their communication. So purchase a webcam before the course if your video camera isn't currently working.

+ Social Opportunity:
There will likely be scheduled some optional social online meetings before or after the course so that attendees can get to know attendees from other organizations and share related or unrelated topics.

Register as soon as possible here:

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