Thread: DAS-geotechnics postdoctoral position

Started: 2022-05-16 14:45:00
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Dylan Mikesell
2022-05-16 14:45:00

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) is looking for a postdoc with DAS knowledge. NGI is investigating DAS for infrastructure (e.g. dams) and natural hazard monitoring (e.g. quick clay slides, snow avalanches, etc.). The postdoc would be supervised by me and work in the Remote Sensing and Geophysics group within the Natural Hazards directorate at NGI. We will focus on ambient seismic noise monitoring (e.g. coda wave interferometry) and relating velocity changes to geotechnical parameters of interest. The start date is dependent on the candidate, but we are looking for someone to start within the next 6 months.

Interested applicants should send a CV to me (dylan.mikesell<at><dylan.mikesell<at>>) and a short statement about their DAS research interests and experience. Interested candidates can also contact me with questions.



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