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Started: 2011-11-18 05:00:48
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Arthur Snoke
2011-11-18 05:00:48
Version 101.5 of SAC is now available by request from IRIS DMC

For a summary of major changes, please refer to the CHANGES file at  New features described
in that file include additional plot-file formats, a robust traveltime
routine, and the use of annotated polezero files. For a detailed list of
enhancements and bug fixes, see the HISTORY file at,

There are binary distributions for Oracle Solaris, Linux (32 bit and 64
bit), and Mac OS X (PPC, Intel 32 bit, and Intel 64 bit).  You can also
request the source code and create a build of your own.

SAC can be run on Windows machines running Cygwin.  For licensing reasons
IRIS cannot provide a Windows Cygwin binary distribution. Prior to v101.5
IRIS provided a separate source distribution for Cygwin, but recent
releases (starting with v1.7) can build on Cygwin with the same source
distribution as the other platforms.

The most up to date SAC Users Manual can be accessed online at

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