Thread: A potential polar geophysics workshop, September 2022

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Dear All,

SCAR INSTANT SC2.2 "Probing the Solid Earth and its Interactions" (PSE)
plans to organize an in-person workshop in the second half of September
this year.

A main motivation to organize this workshop is given by the fact that there
are plans (in the US and in the UK) to decommission large parts of the
observational infrastructure in Antarctica, especially permanent GNSS on
bedrock (but also seismometer sites might be affected). Thus, the main goal
of the workshop will be to discuss the pros and cons of community-driven,
long-term geodetic-geophysical observational networks in Antarctica, and
the major science rationale of such efforts. As a major result, a white
paper should be drafted and published.

Since the WAIS (West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative) Workshop will take
place in Estes Park (Colorado, USA), from 26 to 29 September 2022, the idea
evolved to link the PSE workshop with the WAIS workshop, at least w.r.t.
the timing, but - possibly - also in terms of the location. We are just
investigating the possibilities at Estes Park or its vicinity. An
alternative venue will be provided at East Coast US (e.g., at or close to
Stony Brook University, NY, in Long Island).

In order to facilitate the organisation, we would like to ask you to fill
in a short questionnaire about your intention to attend the workshop and
your preferences for timing and location by Friday 3 June 2022 at the

Please go to the questionnaire at:

It will take you less than 5 minutes to fill in the questionnaire. Your
input is very much appreciated. Please contact us directly in case of any
questions and/or suggestions. Please forward this email also to any
colleagues who might be interested in this workshop.

We are aiming to finalize the date and location as soon as possible (~ mid
to second half of June).

Best regards,
Mirko and Weisen

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