Thread: SAGE/GAGE Workshop Registration Closes Today (virtual open thru 6/16)

Started: 2022-06-06 09:01:12
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Dear Colleagues,

Today is the last day for in-person registration for the 2022 SAGE/GAGE workshop, which will be kicking off next week (June 14-16). Due to the need for prior vaccination verification, there will be no on-site registration at this year’s workshop. If you would like to join us in Pittsburgh, please make sure to get your in-person registration submitted by this evening by visiting our website

If you miss today’s registration deadline, or would simply prefer to participate from home, you are still able to register to attend the workshop virtually right up through the final day of the meeting (Thursday, June 16th). Virtual registrations provide access to plenary session livestreams (and on-demand recordings) as well as access to a virtual poster hall.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to Beth, Justin, or workshop<at>

Many Thanks,

Justin Sweet, IRIS workshop lead
Beth Pratt-Situala, UNAVCO workshop lead

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