Thread: Designing the Future of the Global Seismographic Network - Virtual Special Interest Group Breakout Session on Tuesday, June 14

Started: 2022-06-08 16:54:04
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The NSF-supported SAGE and GAGE facilities will be holding their first
in-person community science workshop since fall of 2019 on
June 14-16.

On Tuesday, June 14 at 10:45 AM Eastern there will be a special interest
group breakout session “Designing the Future of the GSN”. We invite
those with interest in the Global Seismographic Network (GSN) to join Colleen Dalton
(Brown University), Ved Lekic (University of Maryland), Bob Busby
(IRIS), Andy Frassetto (IRIS), and GSN stakeholders in discussing ideas
for the future capabilities, geographic distribution, and science goals
of the GSN.

This SIG will also be broadcast as a Zoom webinar to allow participation
by those not attending the SAGE/GAGE workshop in person. To attend the
webinar, please register here
Registration is not needed for in-person attendance of the SIG.

Simplified, draft version of the SIG agenda:

* Short overview of the current GSN structure and staffing changes at IRIS
* Discussion of NSF's long-term support of the GSN and recognition of
the need to demonstrate continued science justification in light of
evolving funding models
* Discussion of science drivers for new GSN data, what new
capabilities could be added to the GSN, how the GSN could evolve to
be lower cost but higher performing, and how to engage with its
diverse and global stakeholders
* Envisioning as a group "GSN in 2032" scenarios for future
operational models

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Colleen Dalton
(colleen_dalton<at> or I.

Andy Frassetto, PhD, Seismologist
Program Manager
Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology

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