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* Joining Forces Newsletter June 2022 *

* IRIS and UNAVCO are on track to merge in late 2022 to form the
EarthScope Consortium. EarthScope will operate the last 2.75 years of the
SAGE and GAGE Cooperative Agreements on behalf of the National Science
Foundation. *
Community Science Workshop

The 2022 SAGE/GAGE Community Science Workshop just wrapped up in
Pittsburgh, PA and online. It was great to see so many people face to face!
Thank you to everyone who helped with planning, attended, or presented
work. There were approximately 230 in-person participants, over 80 of whom
were students, plus 60 virtual attendees! Over 100 posters were presented
and a dozen people participated in the field trip. The short courses and
field trip the day before the workshop were a smashing success. A huge
thank you goes out to the meeting organizers, session chairs, course
instructors, and IRIS and UNAVCO staff who managed the registration desk
and the meeting logistics!
[image: community science workshop, poster session]
[image: community science workshop, 4 people talk at a poster]
[image: community science workshop, dinner]

* (Photos: Jaime Magliocca/UNAVCO) *
EarthScope Governance Workshop

EarthScope will have a new Advisory Committee community governance
structure for the operation of SAGE and GAGE. A workshop to explore
EarthScope governance took place in Fort Collins, Colorado on April 28-29,
2022. Ten representatives from each of the IRIS and UNAVCO communities were
present and the workshop was facilitated by La Piana consultants.

The governance structure is based on the EarthScope Merger Principles
. Workshop participants examined best practices of non-profit corporate
governance and developed seven Guiding Principles for EarthScope community
governance to realize effective, adaptive, fully representative and
diverse, and efficient governance as our new consortium moves forward.
Based on this, the workshop participants discussed and developed an initial
governance committee structure and charters for each of the recommended
governance committees.

A full summary of the Governance Workshop is available online
Election Update

The EarthScope Consortium will be governed by a 12-member Board of
Directors. Per the member-approved bylaws, four members of the inaugural
Board will be appointed from the current IRIS and UNAVCO Boards. These four
individuals are Jeff Freymueller, Brandon Schmandt, Anne Sheehan, and Leigh
Stearns—thank you for your continued service to our community and to the
EarthScope Consortium! The remaining eight Board members will be elected in
late summer 2022.

Please contact any of the EarthScope Board Nominating Committee
members to nominate someone for the Board election (including self

- Victor Tsai (Brown University; co-chair)
- William Hammond (University of Nevada, Reno; co-chair)
- Ed Garnero (Arizona State University)
- Cathay Manduca (Carleton College)
- Eileen Martin (School of Mines)
- Eileen Evans (California State University Northridge)
- Dara Goldberg (USGS)
- Hilary Martens (University of Montana)

Community Outreach Summary

IRIS and UNAVCO Board members conducted a series of outreach
discussions with member institutions and representatives. Connecting
through surveys and Zoom calls, community members asked questions about the
merger, future budgets, and other topics that are broader than the scope of
SAGE and GAGE. Items of frequent interest included impact of merger on
existing facilities and services, access to data, preserving educational
support and resources, and pursuing greater diversity.

The merger will not change the scope of SAGE and GAGE services or
activities. The merger is being planned to enhance our ability to deliver
SAGE and GAGE services, and award support activities will not be disrupted.
The merger principles speak toward the goals of creating greater diversity,
equity, and inclusion across our facility, consortium, and community.
The merger
also speak to preserving the uniquely talented personnel that work on SAGE
and GAGE, enabling new hybrid work models, creating a flexible organization
with an agile, cross-trained workforce, and more.

* Questions? Feedback? Reach out via our feedback form
. A member of the Steering Committee will follow up with you. *

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