Thread: Question on saving event/station information generated by PyWEED

Started: 2022-07-12 20:17:10
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I am a long-time user of JWEED for event & station searches and for data downloads, but today I installed PyWEED on my system and am testing out its functionalities.
Overall I find the interface easy to understand and user-friendly, and have managed to download some test data. However, I have a couple of queries in order to be able to update my processing scripts for the data.

i) In JWEED, once the event and station lists were created, one had an option to save each of them in plain text format (files called and YYY.stations where XXX and YYY were names chosen by the user). I used both lists for my sets of data-processing scripts. Now, perhaps I am missing something obvious, but I have not yet managed to find this list saving option in PyWEED. Could you let me know how to save this information?

ii) I like the fact that both the station and event coordinates are automatically placed into the SAC headers, but why is the LCALDA header set to FALSE? This prevents SAC from automatically calculating epicentral distances and azimuths - it's an easy fix, but seems like a strange default.

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Fiona Darbyshire
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