Thread: Exchange messages (request data) between DMC client and RingServer

Started: 2022-07-13 22:56:29
Last activity: 2022-07-25 19:38:57
is there some way natively to exchange messages (request data) between DMC client and RingServer using cryptography?

Thanks in advance!
  • Hi Cleir,

    Assuming you are asking about connecting to the IRIS DMC's export data server ( the answer is no. The good news is that next generation protocol of SeedLink is being discussed and will very likely include connections using TLS. When this new standard is approved client software and the DMC's server will be updated to handle the new protocol including TLS-based connections.

    If you are referring to another scenario, such as SeedLink or DataLink clients and your own or other ringserver instances, you may be able to adjust port numbers and use a tunneled connection configured with ssh port forwarding. This would not be a trivial setup and not something I'd recommend for long term operation.

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