Thread: AGU 2022 session: S001 - Advancements in imaging earthquake source processes

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Dear Colleagues,

Are you working on earthquake sources and going to attend the 2022 AGU Fall meeting? We would like to invite you to submit contributions to our session: Advancements in imaging earthquake source processes (S001 in Seismology). The AGU Fall Meeting will take place in Chicago, Illinois and online from December 12-16, 2022. Abstracts are due August 3rd.

Session link:

S001: Advancements in imaging earthquake source processes
Session Description:
Understanding of earthquake source physics and related hazards has been greatly enhanced by advancements in imaging earthquake ruptures, including the utilization of multi-geophysical observations, the implementation of dense array techniques, and the development of rupture inversion schemes. Promising future research directions include improving quantification of various observational uncertainties, robustly characterizing different source complexities, and isolating effects due to the Earth’s heterogeneous structures.

This session welcomes contributions on the imaging of earthquake source processes, including developments in source inversion methods and observations of recent significant earthquakes and sequences. In particular, we welcome contributions aiming to advance uncertainty quantification of inferred source models, and to assess fault and crustal structure impacts on the source models and associated physical interpretations. We solicit multidisciplinary studies that synergize observations from seismic, geodetic, and tsunami data, laboratory experiments, and earthquake geology.

Invited speakers:
Federica Paglialunga, EPFL
Kurama Okubo, NIED

Théa Ragon, Caltech
Ryo Okuwaki, University of Tsukuba
Elisa Tinti, Università La Sapienza

S001 Conveners
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