Thread: AGU 2022 Session: NH008 - Earthquake Scenario Development, Deployment, and Uses

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We invite contributions to our AGU 2022 Session, NH008 – Earthquake Scenario Development, Deployment, and Uses. We hope to have a multidisciplinary session on natural hazard scenarios that includes geoscientists, social scientists, engineers, and urban planners.

The AGU Fall Meeting is in Chicago, Illinois and online from December 12-16, 2022. The abstract deadline is August 3, 2022 at 11:59 EDT. To submit an abstract to our session please go to:

Session Description
The development of realistic and useful earthquake scenarios takes many forms because they are needed for a variety of uses and users. Seismologists deploy complex faulting and 3D simulations to make ground motions as realistic as possible; engineers are engaged to evaluate structural and infrastructure responses are accurately depicted; and social scientists and urban planners ensure societal impacts and equitable recovery concerns are considered. Although they are important, the user interface and the useability earthquake information product injects are considered less frequently, and the consequences of concern from the users’ perspective are not fully appreciated. This session aims to gather those concerned with the accuracy of scientific and engineering aspects of earthquake and other natural hazard scenarios as well as those on the planning, delivery, and science communication sides of earthquake scenario development.

Yolanda Lin, University of New Mexico
Janise Rodgers, GeoHazards International
David Wald, USGS National Earthquake Information Center
Elizabeth Sherrill, Indiana University
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