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* Joining Forces Newsletter August 2022 *
Interim Leadership Appointments

We are pleased to share with you the appointments of the interim executive
leadership of the EarthScope Consortium. We expect the merger of IRIS and
UNAVCO to become legally effective on January 1, 2023, when these new,
temporary appointments will go into effect.

The interim leadership of the EarthScope Consortium will consist of a Chief
Executive Officer (CEO), a Chief Operating Officer (COO) and five Vice
Presidents (VP). Temporary appointments have been made until permanent
positions can be filled by national, competitive searches.

Interim CEO: Becks Bendick

Interim COO: Bob Woodward

VP Administration: ongoing search

Interim VP Data: Dave Mencin

Interim VP Engagement: Donna Charlevoix

Interim VP Geodetic Instrumentation: Glen Mattioli

Interim VP Seismic Instrumentation: Kent Anderson

We have the highest confidence in this leadership team and their ability to
lead the transition into the EarthScope era. The Interim CEO will lead
EarthScope with both internally and externally facing responsibilities. The
Interim COO is responsible for day to day operations of EarthScope,
including the facilities (GAGE and SAGE) and oversight of the Geodetic and
Seismic Instrumentation programs. The Interim Vice Presidents will lead
programs that deliver on the scope of EarthScope Consortium commitments.

The search for a permanent CEO will be led by the soon-to-be elected
EarthScope Board of Directors. Upon onboarding of the permanent CEO,
searches for permanent VPs will commence.

Please join us in congratulating the leadership team of the EarthScope
[image: thumbnail of event timeline, click for full text PDF]

* Click here
for a timeline of coming merger activities. *
* Did you know? *

A proposed governance model for EarthScope was developed and fully
summarized in Resolutions adopted by the Joint Boards
The Joint Boards of Directors, on behalf of the Governance Workshop and
Implementation Steering Committee, recommended that the EarthScope Board of
Directors create five Advisory Committees in a flat structure.

* Image: Anna Shlyapnikova /Wikimedia *
[image: visual representation of governance boards structure]

* The proposed governance of EarthScope is a forward-thinking structure of
committees that will advise the EarthScope Board. *

* Election - EarthScope Board of Directors *

The first official action of the EarthScope Consortium is to elect its
first Board of Directors following the first-year board selection process
in our EarthScope Bylaws. Member Representatives from Consortium member
institutions have received a ballot and are encouraged to cast their vote
in advance of the September 9 deadline. If you are an EarthScope Consortium
Member Representative, look for your ballot via email from Election Buddy ( Results will be shared with the
community via email in late September.

* Save the Date: Data Workshop October 17, 29, 21 *

The Geophysical Data Citation, Attribution, and Licensing Workshop
will bring together scientists and stakeholders interested in citation and
attribution of geophysical data. Led by community governance of IRIS and
UNAVCO, this virtual workshop October 17, 19, 21 will bring together
stakeholders interested in open data policy, citation, attribution and
licensing. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

* Questions? Feedback? Reach out via our feedback form
. A member of the Steering Committee will follow up with you. *

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